Ethical Dilemmas : An Ethical Dilemma Essay example

Ethical Dilemmas : An Ethical Dilemma Essay example

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Many ethical dilemmas are philosophical in nature, an ethical issue can be described as a problem with no clear resolution. In order to solve the issue or dilemma a consensus between the parties involved must be reached. There are several reasons to come to an agreement over an ethical dilemma, it is the basis for all aspects of personal and professional dealings. Each one of us is part of a civilized society and as such it is our responsibility to be rational, honest and loyal in our dealings with others. (Alakavuklar, 2012) states that individuals make decisions for different situations in business life involving various ethical dilemmas. Each time either consciously or unconsciously individuals may follow some ethical approaches as a part of their personal value system. Therefore, ethical approaches are essential parts of value systems that have impact in determining preferred conflict handling style.
Facing an ethical dilemma
While working as a consultant for a leading retirement pension fund, part of my role involved selecting and recruiting new individuals in the information technology department of the organization. My day to day activities, work life balance and flexibility was exceptional and was as good as expected. That was until I was handed a job description and hiring requisition and asked to hire an individual that would be responsible for several major business activities, and would certainly be playing a chief role in the decision making process of the organization. The company received several job applications, and so it took me a while to finally decide on a list of potential candidates that would likely satisfy the criteria of the job description and would be a great fit for the position. ...

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...eate a corrupt organizational culture in terms of assumptions, values, and norms and I truly believe that as a manager Charles should not have used his power in such a manner that questioned his integrity and trustworthiness, and the organization as a whole. His behavior exhibits those assumptions.
In their abstract, (Levine and Boaks, 2014) noted that accounts of leadership in relation to ethics can and do go wrong in several ways that may lead us to quickly into thinking there is a tighter relationship between ethics and leadership than we have reason to believe. I agree with this assumption, in that if the senior leadership team were more in tuned with the pulse of the organization as it relates to the unethical behavior exhibited by Charles, I would not have been placed in the position that made me feel less qualified for the job that I was hired to perform.

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