The Ethical Dilemma Of The Death Of Mine With My X Boyfriend ( Charlie )

The Ethical Dilemma Of The Death Of Mine With My X Boyfriend ( Charlie )

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In my life there my most prominent ethical dilemma was quite recent and therefore it stood out from the crowd. A past relationship of mine with my x-boyfriend (Charlie ) was a solely ethically and morally conflicting ordeal. Nonetheless, it was through a conflict of shared values in a relationship I found _____ out about myself.
Our relationship started with similarly shared values. The 21 year old Charlie was the opposite of me in many ways including his interests. These interests varied from wanting to smoke, hunt, use guns, use knives, drink, party hard, drive recklessly, and occasionally engage in risky situations. These were a few amongst many other things that I would normally disapprove of or avoid. He was also a type of person that did not enjoy reasoning and the ideal of rules. However, we had met in a church which led me to believe we shared the same spiritual values and moral goals even though we held different interests.
For spiritual reasons he had decide to change those interests and the values he had that caused them. So in the beginning I felt we had the same core values and were aiming for the same spiritual goals together. We set to aim our goals of staying on a positive course. As part of that Charlie chose set aside his past lifestyle of partying, drinking, and other things that were harmful to him not only spiritually but also in his overall pursuit of success.
However, that was apparently temporary as gradually in the relationship the goals we had set together started to change. He wished to go back to his old ways and past values and seemed to be unhappy with the fact that I would not follow him and change mine as well. As a result, he gradually pressured me to change my ways, who I was, my values, my be...

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...and choices after the end of the relationship.
According to the Santa Clara University I took the “Virtue Approach” to this Situation. I took an action that lead to the sort of person I wanted to be. I also could have entered potentially dangerous situations that could damage my future.
It was about integrity and doing the right things and being honest because keeping the fact I was seeing this person a secret from my parents affected my honesty. His mannerisms and beliefs generally conflicted with the ethics or the “morals and values that an individual or society finds acceptable”. He tends towards doing the opposite of society’s thoughts and values and they also strongly conflicted with my own. Through cross examining with the “six Pillars of Character” I noticed that I had stayed in the relationship to respect or differences have the fairness to be open-minded

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