The Ethical Dilemma At Northlake Case Study Opens With Frank Threatening

The Ethical Dilemma At Northlake Case Study Opens With Frank Threatening

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Synopsis: The Ethical Dilemma at Northlake case study opens with Frank threatening to blow the whistle on the company’s report that covers the industry’s perspective on the proposed government legislation. Frank works for Amalgamated Forest Products, which has their corporate offices in a small town in Northlake. The company has been experiencing difficult financial times due to the recession, and this has created a hardship in the three small communities where the mills are located. Jim McIntosh, his boss, is irate about Frank threatening to reveal the fabricated numbers and other issues about the report. Jim uses bullying tactics to intimidate and convince Frank that he is making a huge mistake if he blows the whistle on the company.
Frank started at the company right out of high school and worked his way up. After Frank suffered an injury, the company moved him to a desk job in the accounting office. The company invested in Frank by arranging for him to attend a university and allowing him to obtain a Certified Management Accountants designation, and then he returned to a new position in corporate reporting at Amalgamated. He is currently the manager of corporate reporting, and Frank reports to Jim McIntosh, his mentor. Also in the accounting department is Tina Pacquette, a coworker that is responsible for providing the numbers for the report. Frank and Tina’s working relationship is not amiable or professional. Additionally, Frank uses name-calling and belittling behavior towards Tina because he does not have any confidence in her work.
Jim and Jean Letourneau, the company president, justify why the company needs to use the inflated numbers in the report for the legislative committee. During the heated and hosti...

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...owledge will help identify the stressors, ways to reduce it, and give employees the necessary skills to cope with stress and make healthy, ethical decisions on behalf of the organization.
While wellness programs and stress management are helpful to an employee, this situation is in need a strong leader to handle the current situation and lead Amalgamated Forest Products through this challenging time. Perhaps Mr. Letourneau had a weak value system to start or it was his response to the stress and demands as the company president, but leaders need honorable values and model the appropriate behavior for employees. Good leaders do not condone, rationalize, or justify unethical behavior as a response to the stress of the position or the current hardships of the business. The organization needs a leader that is prepared and composed to be the face of the organization.

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