Ethical Dilemm Core Beliefs, Possible Resolutions, Evaluations, And Comparisons

Ethical Dilemm Core Beliefs, Possible Resolutions, Evaluations, And Comparisons

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How many of us can agree on being in a situation, specifically within a group, when we had to choose between voicing our beliefs or losing respect over our beliefs to “go along” with the crowd by being told you had to sign something or become derecognized? Well, Tina, a volunteer leader of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, is soon to be hit with a religious dilemma in respect to a policy that is forced to be signed for nondiscriminatory purposes. Facing ethical dilemmas is very common in the world and we have to learn to deal with them on a daily basis. In this paper, the case study being presented with reflect on the ethical dilemma through core beliefs, possible resolutions, evaluations, and comparisons being made from a Christian worldview perspective
Ethical Dilemma
The case presented requires Tina to make a decision to either force her beliefs, lose recognition, and possibly be kicked out of the organization or go along with something she does not feel strongly about to become recognized, which is also very important to her. Although Tina really wants to be part of a recognized group because of the importance of it and the benefits, it may mean going against her Christian beliefs in some way and this becomes a dilemma for her. To resolve this dilemma, Tina could do one of the following:
• Emphasize her Christian beliefs, in hopes of making a change,
• Emphasize her Christian beliefs, lose recognition that she really wants, and possibly lose her membership privileges, or
• Be a team player in agreement with the policy and still have the benefits she desires, but the feeling of Christian beliefs being overlooked.
Core Beliefs
One of the core beliefs is the First Amendment that states the freedom of exercising religion, freed...

... middle of paper ...

...r Christian core beliefs presented in this paper.
Being faced with ethical dilemmas are not always easy; however, staying strong to your faith within your worldview can lead you to satisfaction. As we have seen in this paper, Tina was faced with the ethical dilemma of religious tolerance. Was this an easy decision for her to make? Well, only Tina can answer that; however, judging by her core beliefs of the Christian worldview, Tina seems to have found satisfaction in resolving this ethical dilemma. Loving God first to love others, freedom of religion, and being at peace with others in accepting and respecting their beliefs, Tina would be able to sign the nondiscrimination policy and still be filled with joy in her heart. Sometimes it is better to accept than to not be accepted at all, but the Christian worldview shows the respect to love for this decision.

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