Ethical Decision on Embryonic Stem Cell Contributions Essays

Ethical Decision on Embryonic Stem Cell Contributions Essays

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If a revolution of medical technology is allowing people to obtain the best quality of life right now, why aren't we taking advantage? Scientists have discovered how to potentially cure diseases and treat all kinds of ailments. Human embryonic stem cells, though a new concept, has been debated over since the discovery in cord blood in 1978. The cause for controversy comes from the struggle between law makers, religious officials, and scientists surrounding this topic. The ethical question on why stem cells are controversial is “Is using stem cells from embryos right?” However, the question when politicians are included changes to “How can we fund research to killing potential people for their stem cells?” The definition of an embryo is altered from court case to court case to fit the need of the problem, making it more difficult to differentiate a fertilized egg from a person and halting progress to the stem cell industry. Taking into consideration the possible positive outcomes versus the sacrifice of an embryo is indeed debatable, but given a chance could have a clear answer to those ethical questions. Deciding what side of the ethical spectrum to fall under is complicated, but we ought to allow embryonic stem cell research for the sake of survival.
Deciding if it is right to use embryonic stem cells means we should understand the process of obtaining them and where they are taken from. A stem cell is an unspecialized cell that our body produces to make all of our specialized cells. There are two ways to go about stem cells, however, embryos are the most effective because of their ability to change into any form of cell. When a sperm fertilizes an egg, it is then called an embryo. The embryo then goes through several phases. ...

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