Ethical Decision Making : The Practice Of Law And The Concept Of Maintaining Reputations

Ethical Decision Making : The Practice Of Law And The Concept Of Maintaining Reputations

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This practice was developed out of cultural implications regarding the rule of law and the concept of maintaining reputations. It allows Chinese businesses not to take advantage of those with whom they have guanxi. In developing business partnerships and relationships, trust plays a significant role. Therefore, the practice of guanxi is understood in this context. However, such exchanges are strictly forbidden by Western companies like Brenda’s employer. This perspective makes drawing the line to guide the decision making process for corporate leaders hazy and increases the proclivity for corruption.
Approach to Ethical Decision-Making
The fact of the matter is making decisions about right and wrong impacts every aspect of our lives. As previously stated, ethics plays a significant role in this decision-making process. Ethics recognizes that making right and wrong decisions can be challenging and provides a set of standards for behavior as to proper conduct. To assist decision makers, tools such as decision-making frameworks can be implemented to understand what is ethics, the types of ethical theories and how to apply the theory that works best.
In his article, “Ethical Frameworks for Management”, Kenneth Goodpaster breaks down the different types of ethical theories as well as related ethical frameworks (1983). Brenda can relate to the utilitarianism ethical theory for business, however, she understand there are limits to this theory. This article also supports the establishment of authentic leadership, which is another leadership models Brenda ascribes. “This note introduces the student of management to basic ethical frameworks because such frameworks contribute to managerial practice: effective and responsible decision...

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...reedom and equal opportunities are important to Brenda. These ethical approaches can influence how Brenda gets to the point of making the right decision. Therefore the need of using decision-making frameworks will serve to assist Brenda to be the type of leader as defined by Rohn.
In this paper, the discussion focused on the creation and presentation of a personal model of ethical leadership for Brenda Barlow. This paper discussed how this proposed model aligns with Brenda’s values and morals. This paper examined how this model works in Brenda’s organization environment, meets the policies, laws and guidelines that are relevant to Brenda. Additionally, the paper discussed two contemporary leadership models (i.e. ethical leadership) that Brenda identifies with as well as how she can use this model in a global perspective as a leader and student of management basics.

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