The Ethical Decision Making System Essay

The Ethical Decision Making System Essay

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The case study I chose to make a moral decision on was case number 2. The case study studied the ethical process in which doctors kept anencephalic (brain absent) infants alive using life support to harvest their organs to give to children who need new organs to survive. There are about 2,000- 3,000 infants who are born anencephalic each year but on the other hand there about 500-1,000 children that would die before the age of two if they were not given a new donated major organ. The question then arises, “Is it ethical to directly harvest organs from brain absent babies?” I used a decision making system to help me determine the moral decision.
The decision making system I used was the Strict Consequentialism option. I chose this one from out of all the others because the deontological approach was more concerned about norms and what was right and wrong. Whereas the consequentialism system is based on the outcome or consequence of a direct act. The reason I used this system because it got straight to the point and made the decision process easier. The system was appealing to me because it had few steps and it seemed to be a more simple way to come to a conclusion using this method. Therefore it was easiest to choose because harvesting organs of a terminal child to help other children that would die without new organs made this decision a no brainer for me.
I began to use the system to make my decision by identifying the problem which was: keeping the anencephalic infants alive on life support just long enough to find a donor. Once the problem was identified I had to list possible alternatives, I came up with two of them. My possible alternatives were: 1. Instead of keeping terminal babies on life support let them die naturally a...

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...d help anyone out if they needed it. Being a generous person means to give more to others than to self. Therefore I feel like harvesting the organs of an anencephalic infant who lives only a few days after its birth is an act of generosity to help another sickly child.
It is a morally correct choice to harvest their organs and give them to a child in who is in need because that would be a way of them helping others in once they have passed. Some may say keeping a child on life support just to harvest organs is playing “GOD” but in my opinion, it is preserving the organs so they can be the most useful to the donees. If I had a child that was anencephalic I would be honored to have their organs donated to have another child in need. Many children are in need of vital organs and in my opinion is it ethically correct to directly harvest organs from brain absent babies.

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