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Ethical Decision Making Essay

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Effective communication is so important for organizational success Good Leadership ensures active participation. Most organizations concentrate on hiring individuals with certain qualities but you really do not know what type of people you are hiring until you get to know them that might be late.
they look at credentials or a great interview but looks can be deceiving does a good manager necessarily mean that a good leader I do not think so.It is understood that good leadership is crucial to any successful business. An ethical dilemma is when an incident that makes you to ask yourself how do I handle this situation based on your beliefs and deciding how to choice between right and wrong.
It is difficult to measure the effectiveness of leadership in an organization in my opinion if an organization is successful that is because of effective leadership however it may be hard to measure when you have a great staff.
When you have competent subordinates who always successfully complete their job effectively it is simple for a management to receive recognition rather they are high quality or terrible at what they do. When case number one I would defiantly choose to do what I feel was most appropriate for the betterment of the company. Effective leadership mean being able to make effective decisions.
Therefore, what is would do is to continues to screen applicants I would confront the President and present the outcome of the Interview and present my candidate of choice.
What I feel should be done is what I feel that I would do It is the principle of it all.
One stereotypic that I have a serious issue with is the woman is to stay home cook and clean have children and be home to please her man issue Th...

... middle of paper ... of it is not. What the old saying a story is not good if you just tell the truth it has to be exciting or no one will listen.
I personally feel that ethical decision making in an organization is a very important part of being successful. If you believe in yourself and other, believe in you how you can possibly go wrong. Being in the position to make decisions on Ethical dilemmas I did not find it hard to come up with the right thing to do. I do know that some people would decide to make the decision to follow what their bosses suggest.
However, we must consider the consequences on making that decision do you have the backing of this boss remember you are new to this company and how do you think that you would feel if you made the wrong decision and it affected someone in a negative way. How could you handle that, I on the other hand could not.

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