Ethical Decision Making Inside The Field Of Criminal Justice And Policing

Ethical Decision Making Inside The Field Of Criminal Justice And Policing

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Lon L. Fuller was a scholar and a former professor at Carter of Jurisprudence at Harvard Law School, who lived from 1902 to 1978. (Fuller, 1965) Fuller 's books and articles have been converted into all the major languages and his works still broadly studied in law schools throughout the world. In the Morality of Law, “Even if a man is answerable only to his conscience, he will answer more responsibly if he is compelled to articulate principles on which he acts.” (Fuller, 1965) This essay will apply the Fuller 's Principle, as referred to above, and response to three genuine scenarios in regards to ethical decision making inside the field of criminal justice and policing.
In the first scenario, there is an office duty officer at a party, at his friend’s house and people are drinking in the backyard. The off-duty officer enters the house to use the restroom and observes other people in the house; in which he doesn’t know and his unsure if his friend are aware of them, snorting cocaine. An officer who is licensed has the authority to implement or enforce the laws, whether he is off duty or not, but only if he identifies himself as a police officer. An officer who is off-duty cannot utilize his or her power for individual reasons; when not in uniform, a cop has the same restricted rights as any other citizen with regards to moral duty and conduct. (Farber, 2007) The moral issue introduced in this situation is the utilization of cocaine since its illegal. Police officers who are off duty have the right to attend a party as a guest but don’t have the authority to stop people at the party from taking illegal drugs. There are circumstances in which an off-duty officer can apply professional direction and make a citizen’s arrest or tempor...

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...osexually community. An officer in this situation can consult the code of ethics, paraphrased; I will never act impertinently or allow individual feelings, partialities, animosities or friendship to impact my choices. If I was an officer in this situation I would ask Officer Davis, did Officer Jones try to engage or make any sexual advances, and if the answer is no, I wouldn’t accept his request for a new partner. The LBGT community has rights and its completely wrong to single them out, just as I wouldn’t do if a person ask be have a different partner that’s of the same race. Leading by example, showing my officers that there will be occasions where you must deal or work people with who come from different backgrounds, and we shouldn’t judge them based on those factors. Officer Jones has been on the force for 16 years; Officer Davis has a lot he can learn from him.

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