The Ethical Debate Over Mandatory Synthetic Vaccinations Among School Aged Children

The Ethical Debate Over Mandatory Synthetic Vaccinations Among School Aged Children

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Societies function and thrive off of shared belief systems, whether those beliefs be about religion, language, health practices, or family structures. These community members protect each other and work together to establish and maintain social norms. The ethical debate over required synthetic vaccinations among school-aged children has left the social belief surrounding required vaccinations divided among several camps since the practice was introduced in 1786. (Malone) There are no United States (U.S.) federal requirements in place mandating vaccination prior to public school enrollment; however, 50 states require specific vaccine requirements be met prior to a child enrolling. (State Vaccination Requirements) Although there are no requirements surrounding whether children should be vaccinated prior to enrolling in public school, many health professionals and community leaders feel strongly both in favor of such regulation and in protest. The issue at hand affects the day-to-day safety of American children as well as the future health and well-being of American society. Pro-vaccine stances claim that vaccines have the ability to protect society as a whole, saving money, eradicating some diseases, and protecting future generations. Others, however, question the morality, safety, and constitutionality of mandatory vaccinations among school-aged children. The founding principle of American society is that all men are created equal, with unalienable rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: all of which are impeded by the solution to require all children be vaccinated in order to attend public school.
In the debate over whether unvaccinated children should be allowed in public schools or not, pro-vaccination p...

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...als’ needs.

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