Ethical Considerations Of An Educator Researcher Essay

Ethical Considerations Of An Educator Researcher Essay

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In terms of ethical considerations in my research, I believe it is very essential for all educators or any other professionals to show ethical considerations to other people because every individual should be protected by specific equal rights. According to Mertler (2014), the primary responsibility of an educator-researcher is to make sure that action research adheres to ethical standards. For instance, in my school, if any teacher wants to do a research study or video tape one of their classes, he or she needs to go to the office to get permission and complete school forms and give those forms to parents to discuss the research study. Later he or she needs to go through a school process to ensure that the study is done in such a manner as to protect the rights of the student. In one of the assigned readings, it is emphasized that when an educator is doing an action research, he or she must get permission not only from students but from parents also (Mertler, 2014).

One of the ethical principles that is most important in relation to educational research personally is that all educators should maintain confidentiality all the time in and out of school grounds. As professionals, we also have the responsibility to obtain permission from parents and students to protect student’s rights if we plan to do any research in or outside the classroom. According to Holian and Coghlan (2013), they emphasize that when creating a research, the researcher must be ethical and must keep all information confidential. In addition, if we are doing any action research project in school, researcher cannot use the actual names of students or teachers and keep it confidential. According to Mertler (2014), if an educator plans to use data collected from p...

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... progress and find out the effect in using motivational strategies in the classroom using a specific lesson. I believe the ethical consideration that I have for my research is to keep student’s information confidential as well as other colleagues. The purpose of my research study in to find out what would the effect academically using motivational strategies with my students. Doing this research will help me meet the need of students as well as improve my instruction methods by adjusting to their needs. The timeline is as follows:

Week one:
• Give and collect parental consent forms
Week two:
• Pre-Assessment
Week three:
• Implementing new strategy working in cooperative groups
Week four:
• Monitor/feedback and continue utilizing motivational strategy
Week five:
• Implement motivational strategy plus administer a post-assessment
Week six:
• Analyze the data gathered

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