Ethical Considerations and a Code of Conduct Essay examples

Ethical Considerations and a Code of Conduct Essay examples

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As with every job, there has to be a set of rules or a code that employees need to follow. Journalism is no different. People all around the world; put their trust in journalist to bring them the news, in the most honest, non-biased, and enjoyable way. Given the importance of the job, it is easy to see why there must be a code of conduct and ethical considerations for the job.
As news director at Cub Broadcasting, implementation; of code of conduct and ethical considerations that this station will operate on must be made. It is imperative that this station has a code of conduct, the most valuable asset a journalist and broadcaster has is respect from the public. This respect will only be earned, and not freely given and the only way to earn this respect is through being professional, honesty and integrity.
Being professional and having a good audience is what will move our broadcast company forward and keep it thriving, through public trust in our station we will earn revenue from advertising, and build up our audience, making our broadcast a highly rated show in our three respective time slots.
Without a code of conduct and ethical considerations, our broadcast company simply will not be able to write, anchor and produce the kind of journalism our peers are putting out. This is a tough and highly competitive field and if we wish to compete, we will need to go forward with professionalism, truth, the best morals, and journalistic integrity.
As the world of Journalism changes and evolves with the times, the need for a code of ethics between all owners, the public and journalist has emerged.
Journalists hold the social responsibility that requires him or her to act in accordance with his personal standards.
“A universa...

... middle of paper ...

...rg 2009) With the world depending on journalist for their news, it is easy to see why adhering to and having a code of conduct/ethics is necessary for your stations survival.

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