Ethical Conduct Policy : Phoenix House Essay

Ethical Conduct Policy : Phoenix House Essay

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Ethical Conduct Policy
Phoenix House is committed to responsible corporate behavior. This governs the way the organization interacts with key stakeholders: clients, business partners, referral sources, contract holders, state regulators, donors, employees, vendors and the communities in which programs are operated. It impacts how the organization conducts activities related to service provision, human resources, marketing, fundraising and business affairs. It is the policy of Phoenix House that all employees, volunteers, interns, consultants, and board members will follow a strict code of ethics which sets forth specific legal, professional, and moral standards. Certain core values apply regardless of position. Additional codes address practices in human resources, marketing and business affairs. It is the policy of Phoenix House that ethical violations by employees, volunteers, interns, or board members shall not be tolerated. Any violations shall be investigated as discreetly as possible and may result in immediate dismissal.
The Company’s reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom it deals, is one of its most valuable assets. It is therefore essential that all employees accept responsibility for maintaining Phoenix House’s excellence in this area. All employees, volunteers, interns, consultants, and board members will be informed of the code(s) of ethics in writing. Phoenix House, its Board, and its staff hold the highest moral, legal, and professional standards for their conduct and services. Phoenix House, its Board, and its staff maintain respect both for the privacy and the well-being of the persons served by the organization. Phoenix House strives to enhance the principles of competen...

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...rectly or by implication, professional qualifications or affiliations that the counselor does not possess.
w. Staff shall hold the welfare of the client paramount when making any decisions or recommendations concerning referral, treatment procedures or termination of treatment.
x. Staff shall take care to provide services in an environment which will ensure the privacy and safety of the client at all times and ensure the appropriateness of service delivery.
y. Staff, working in the best interest of the client, shall embrace the duty of protecting client 's rights under confidentiality and shall not disclose confidential information. (Please see confidentiality policy)
z. Staff shall follow appropriate provisions for the maintenance of confidentiality and the ultimate disposition of confidential records. This includes client, personnel or other confidential records.

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