The Ethical Concerns of Stem Cell Research Essay

The Ethical Concerns of Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem cell research has been met with major ethical concerns in the media and as a result the research has tried to address the concerns of funding and ethical dilemmas. There are 6 major concerns raised in the review, such as: Tumor Formation, Contaminating Animal Products, Genetic Compatibility, Funding Issues, Selecting and generating the Right cell type from transplantation and new approaches to generating embryonic stem cells (ES).
In the use of stem cells, there is room for error, especially in transplanting cells to renew or help cells. However whether the cells are differentiated, undifferentiated, or more differentiated, the cells need to pass the obstacle of negative selection and specific expression in the cell, and the cell won't perform or tumors form from the transplant. The research to produce grafting and other medical procedures is wanted; however there is an ethical concern with the fact that there is a margin of limits with stem cells, and the actual procedures that need to be public knowledge, and the amount of money that institutes will put into it. Another concern addressed is the use of animal products in developing the cells, such as using animal serums, nutrients, and other products. A main concern is the contamination that using these products cause, such as foreign pathogens and an educed immune response. However labs are working to try substitutes in their methods, but this like the first issue mentioned will go into an issue with funding. There is an issue with generating certain cells for certain areas of the human body, the linage of where cells come from are not fully understood. However with the cells we know of, in trails there were two notable success stories, in improvement in Parkinson's diseas...

... middle of paper ... method, but many under the alternatives to embryonic cell lines. These methods seem to be potentially good, but it will drive into an ethical concern about creating embryos, which will be created, but will probably be a "surplus in frozen storage indefinitely". This concern can be met with further information about it, and seems to be the only good alternative to using donations if it is further perfected.
The research is this area will continue, although in the past few years stem cell research is still regarded at something of a stigma, which many associated with abortion and heartless scientists. Although I find that more information is given today about the authentic use of stem cells and the actual procedures done. With such realistic goals and information given I would say like any upcoming new technology this research may survive the myths and concerns.

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