The Ethical Concepts That I Will Discuss Essay

The Ethical Concepts That I Will Discuss Essay

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The ethical concepts that I will discuss in this paper cause me to see ethical growth. Everyone has their own means of growing, and they become capable of many different experiences. Through my own experiences I was able to recognize that I am able to be respectful of others, and be respectful to myself. The respect for oneself is detrimental to using the moral codes that is inside us all. My experiences have taught me that I practice deontology and natural law theory.
As a middle schooler I chose to ignore my friend’s immoral act. I did not say anything as she stole the boots. I chose to follow her ethical beliefs instead of my own. My duty was to discuss the ramifications of her actions, and that I was unwilling to be around her while she was stealing from the store. Based on this decision in middle school, I would believe that as a certified nursing assistant, I would choose to neglect a resident who was aggressively stating she did not wish to wash. This is because I believe someone who allows a friend to be immoral would also allow a resident to stay unhealthy. Instead of allowing a resident to stay unhealthy I chose to follow my duty as a CNA, which was to respect her dignity and health by forcing her to wash. This is something that caused an ethical discussion on the difference between force and neglect. The questions that are raised in this instance: Should a person be neglected when she is incapable of helping herself? Should I consider how I would feel if I were in this state? Or should I just allow her to sit in her filth while she is being stubborn?
The last ethical concept that I discussed was Capital Punishment. I believe that a person should be able to be rehabilitated. This should be done with extensi...

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... that I’ve grown as a person. My ethical decision making revolves around what is best for others, and whether they are following the right course of action. I understand that there are different levels of ethics – lying, handing things in on time – but it is important to stay true to who you are.
I will approach ethical issues with thought by considering the possible consequences of my actions and follow suit. If a person is going to be harmed because of something that I do, then I will not follow that path. It is my duty to follow my own moral code and do what is morally right for the community and the future. The only way to show true growth is through actions. These actions create a historical lesson that can help guide the future generations. There are many approaches to ethics, and the only way to truly understand which way is best is by looking inside oneself.

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