Ethical Attributes For Decision Making Essay

Ethical Attributes For Decision Making Essay

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Ethical Attributes for Decision-making in Nonprofit Organization
Every ethical organization want to have all its employees behave ethically and make right decisions whenever they represent as a part of this organization. After read this week’s readings, I found that ethical attributes are substantially influence our daily decision making, especially for professionals in nonprofit organizations. Many of ethical attributes or filters and ethical decision-making models are discussed in these readings; moreover, many of them reflect my personal opinions on ethical decision-making process.
First of all, my personal criteria for making ethical decisions is really close to Michael Josephson’s 11 core ethical values that mentioned in Gow Pettey’s chapter 11: Ethical Decision Making. The 11 core ethical values are: honesty, integrity, promise keeping, fidelity and loyalty, fairness, caring for others, respect for others, responsible citizenship, pursuit of excellence, accountability and safeguarding the public trust (for nonprofit organizations). In particular, honesty and integrity are basic ethical values that practiced by most people in daily life, so do I. These two ethical values always come to my mind at first whenever I need to make any ethical decision. I always try to keep promises that I made since I was a child. Keeping promise is not only about respect but also relate to trust. In my experiences, fidelity and loyalty, fairness, caring for others, respect for others, responsible citizenship, pursuit of excellence, and accountability are ethical values that I practice in daily life. These above are ethical values that I considered after I encounter any ethical dilemma.
Next, I prefer to put myself in another’s position and ask my...

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...ions, especially those who have business or any other relation with the Midwest.” After lists all alternatives, it is time to analyze potential outcomes for different alternatives. Then, it is time to decide the action that our organization needs to take. However, it is not the last step. We should test, share and implement the decision. Last but not least, we need to evaluate the results and then review our policy and procedures to perfect our organizational ethical values and future actions.
To sum up, there is no doubt that ethical dilemma happens everyday everywhere. We should take any ethical dilemma into account, especially as a nonprofit organization leader. The higher standard code of ethics is really important for any organization, especially nonprofits. It is also important to have one or more ethical decision-making model within a nonprofit organization.

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