The Ethical Argument Of Genetic Engineering Essay

The Ethical Argument Of Genetic Engineering Essay

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The ethical argument of whether genetic engineering is good for humans and animals has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. Genetic Engineering “uses a variety of tools and techniques from biotechnology and bioengineering to modify an organism’s genetic makeup” ("Ethical Issues in Genetic”). The modification of these genes comes from a process called transgenesis. During this process a certain gene is removed from one species and is then inserted into the gene of another ("Ethical Issues in Genetic”). Since transgenesis is a fairly new process there are many questions that Americans have about it. For instance, should there be certain boundaries in place on this research, to make sure that it is safe, and are humans trying to take the place of God with this new found technology. A recent survey reveals that out of 39 countries, 29 countries have banned genetic engineering (Araki). In this essay I will talk about why so many people are against the practice and why I believe that genetic engineering does not violate our ethics as Americans.
Throughout my research a common theme that I found was Americans were worried about what the future will look like with genetic engineering in effect. They wondered if our future offspring would be “better” than our current generation and could this modification have a bad effect on them. The process of thinking that there is a possibility of their being a risk to the safety of our future is an ethical way of thinking. As of today there are not enough research studies to support that genetic engineering may or may not have bad effects if used. If genetic engineers were to insert a nonhuman gene into a human there is a possibility that this could change our identity as humans. Thi...

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... are trying to rid the world of genetic diseases so that mankind can have a future generation that is healthier than the one we have today. The medical advances that we have made thus far support the good effects of genetic engineering. In countries that do practice genetic engineering they have showed that with strict rules that amazing discovers can be made, while none have happened thus far they are close to arriving at a break through to find a cure to Down syndrome and autism (Araki). Genetic engineering does not violate our ethics as Americans because we are using the technologies that God has put forth for us to use. I believe that once we establish a set of rules for genetic engineers to follow that a majority of the population will be on board with the legalization of the practice. If he did not want us to use these technologies than they would not exist.

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