Ethical Approach to Utalitarianism Essay

Ethical Approach to Utalitarianism Essay

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Companies are faced with difficult decisions they have to make on a daily basis and Pegasus International Inc. is no exception (Freeman, 1991). In attempt to make the right choice, business ethics are implemented; which states the human conduct that is wrong or right in a business context (Shaw, 2011: 8)
A moral or ethical dilemma is when an agent must make a decision between two ethically compromising choices (White Hat Communications, 2014). In this scenario, Oswald faces a moral dilemma because he has to make a choice whether or not to expand the company by operating in China (Hackworth & Shanks, 2007). To operate in China, Oswald needs to pay off the Chinese authorities, and Oswald will have to disclose that the business is not a part of any bribery activities dishonestly (ibid).
A question Oswald will have to ask himself is also a question frequently asked in normative ethics: “What is the ethically right thing to do and how is it justified?” (Encyclopædia Britannica Inc, 2014).
At stake for Oswald and his company are a 100 million-dollar deal and the integrity of the company’s ethically correct reputation (Hackworth & Shanks, 2007). The clashing alternative actions Oswald are confronted with differs in moral rightness and the quality of the result of the action (CIMA, 2010). Oswald is morally obliged not to operate in China but at the same time, he is obligated.
This essay will discuss the ethical approach of utilitarianism that will help Oswald to choose the right action for him so that the company’s ethical reputation will not be ruined and the company will still be successful. There will be a critical evaluation, which assess Oswald’s situation and clearly discuss what appropriate actions needs to be taken by Oswald b...

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