Essay on Ethical And Legal Issues Of Healthcare

Essay on Ethical And Legal Issues Of Healthcare

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Managed care plans present as forms of health insurance covers. These plans have contracts with medical facilities and health care providers to offer care for clients at decreased costs (Dixon, Greene & Hibbard, 2008). This paper will discuss the criticisms that have been addressed regarding managed care, and the different features that are included in a CDHP. Additionally, it will discuss the existing differences between the choice of providers, cost sharing, and covered benefits of HMOs and CDHPs. This will help in drawing conclusions regarding the latest information that surrounds managed care.
Criticisms/Drawbacks of Managed Care
Ethical and Legal Issues
In worst case settings which, incidentally, take place more frequently among the latest generation of institutions of managed care, the delivery is standardized by inexperienced managers in offering health care (Rhodes, Francis & Silvers, 2007). In this vein, their corporate task is to offer care at the least possible cost. Corporate objectives connect more to bending a market as well as keeping off the competition rather than to offering first class health care. Consequently, in these structures, medical leadership is frequently absent or inadequate and the objectives that steer the plan are profit optimization, not patient care optimization. These plans control the expenses through segregation of the medical environment, which is usually “administrator-friendly” and “physician-hostile”.
These structures polarize nurses and doctors and deny advantageous but costly care through 1) imposition of intricate bureaucracy, 2) micromanagement, 3) risks of job loss of physicians, and 4) obstinate financial provider incentives (Kongstvedt, 2013). These issues discour...

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... universal healthcare because the insurance companies. I work for a home health care company and I am not happy I am pissed off every day knowing there are so many people out there that need our help but due to the fact they don’t have Medicare we must refuse those people.99% of home health care companies are like this. Who really care for people that are sick. In Africa if you have no money the doctor won’t see you they hospital will leave you outside to die. I feel as if America is not that different from Africa the rise of healthcare make it often hard for people to afford healthcare, I have a friend who has Medicare and she is on a fix income with COPD and several other illness and was told as of 2017 the will deduct more money from her ssi check and she stated if they do that she won’t be able to pay her bills and she will have to go without healthcare insurance

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