Ethical And Conduct Research With Vulnerable Groups Essay

Ethical And Conduct Research With Vulnerable Groups Essay

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This essay will contain a critical discussion of ‘vulnerability’, and whether it can ever be ethical to conduct research with vulnerable groups. This essay will look into anonymity, confidentiality and informed consent and why it is important to use these when conducting research. It will also discuss safety and risk for researchers and the participants to ensure the research is carried out without harm. This assignment will concentrate widely on ethics and vulnerability in relation to children.
A vulnerable person can be somebody in need of special care, support, or protection because of age, disability, or risk of neglect. It can be difficult to define a ‘vulnerable’ group, as there is no specific criteria. Oxford University Press. (2015) states that a person who is vulnerable is exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, physically or emotionally. According to Council, S. (2015) children with low confidence and low self-esteem are at risk of being vulnerable. A vulnerable person is described an individual who may be in need of care services for mental or other ill health and age, or unable to safeguard him or herself against major harm or mistreatment.
Research is searching for, and gathering information, usually to find the answer to a problem. Research requires planning and time to evaluate what questions need to be answered and the information that needs to be gathered. Research doesn’t always give the ‘right answer’. When researching, it is important to carry out ethics to protect the research participants from harm. Ethics are principles of right and wrong conduct, its modern usage is more explicit tied to questions of value, and judgements about which habits and customs are good and bad. Kay, E. Tisdall, ...

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...ilities, such situations would need to be discussed and determined whether it would be ethical for an adult or caregiver to consent when the child cannot
Anonymity is the principle of individual participants should not be identifiable; this is usually achieved by the researcher altering the participants name and removing any information that may identify the individual.
Confidentiality in research is paramount, research data should not be passed on or shared with other people without the participants consent to do so, this is usually achieved by restricted access to data, for example researchers may store data in a password protected place. Confidentiality can be problematic where sensitive topics are addressed, for example child protection where an abuse case is disclosed, a breach of confidentiality is an ethical necessity to prevent further harm to the child.

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