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Etching is the simple art of abrading a piece of glass to make a design. Is a way to produce a “frosted” look on a glass surface. Engraving is not only used to engrave glass, but it’s also used to carve a design into the glass to give a delicate and permanent result. Etching is the way to create graphic design on a smooth piece of glass. Etching takes the time and commitment to form a beautiful piece of art and has become popular over the last 20 years. Etching is a simple art of three fundamental techniques that require patience and dedication to create a beautiful design on the glass.
The art of engraving a design on a glass began in the Middle Ages by Arabic armories’ (Rembrandt Paintings). Various artists experimented with the method in an attempt to discover something bigger-something better. Rembrandt was the first and greatest master of etching. As it is mentioned on the article Rembrandt, engraving was used to produce a permanent effect. Hand-painting on glass was used to give the glass a colorful appearance. The artists made any effort to bring out the best in them, and discover techniques that would then turn into magnificent pieces of art. In 1860 acid etching became one of the brilliant ideas for the etching industry. Later on, in 1870 craftsmen invented a procedure in which etching became easier and cheaper. Sandblasting became one of the most used etching techniques. As Wendy Thompson, explained it’s believed that etching started in Germany. The German etchers found strategies in which designs would be able to carve in glass and even in iron plates stronger than copper. As years went by the strategies became more interesting and easier to do. Graphic's design was never left behind even when new techniques...

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