Establishing Leadership Through Vocal Commiseration Essay

Establishing Leadership Through Vocal Commiseration Essay

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Change is an inevitable aspect when conducting business; crisis and respective unforeseen events too are an intrinsic facet and learning opportunity for organizational progress (Heath, 2001). During times of crisis public relations is an imperative supportive component to overall managerial activity involving a four-step process inclusive of analysis, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation (Ledingham and Bruning, 2000) in application of a broader practice beyond the immediate crisis with forethought to the future of the organization as a whole. To be an effective crisis management tactic, such a communications approach must be inter-departmental, to support the executive initiatives to define the reputational image and re-establish long-term relationships with key publics (Atkins, Bates, and Drennan, 2006). It is crucial to serve the best-interest and welfare of all involved stakeholders (Valackiene, 2010) and function as a strategic management tool in effort to uphold foundational organizational activities (Grunig and Grunig, 1998), whilst identifying factors including social, political, economic variance. Public relations theorist Grunig further identifies the important role of public relations as a (crisis) managerial function to provide grand merit to key publics, fueled with ethical and social responsibility in the best interest of said publics (2006). When defining appropriate courses of action in the presentation of key messages, “apologia” a rhetorical technique is frequently employed to cope in crises situations (Smith, 2009), utilized repair image or defend oneself; and in the delivery of such messaging it is imperative to exude morality and trustworthiness (Khors Schultz, and Huxman, 2003). Cutlip, Center ...

... middle of paper ... ement [Accessed November 9, 2013]

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