Essay on Establishing A New Counselling Relationship

Essay on Establishing A New Counselling Relationship

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Establishing a Therapeutic Relationship
Moodoo exhibits anti-social behaviour, an indicator for his depression, through his decision not to engage with the white Australians through speech. This will be the first barrier to overcome when counselling Moodoo, especially because Indigenous people can find it difficult to trust a non-Indigenous person in disclosing their personal stories (Young, 2009). Working with individuals of Indigenous descent is more than just understanding their problems, as a counsellor must have an understanding of their culture (Young, 2009). Due to the many differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures, this can be quite difficult, and even confronting for a person of non-Indigenous descent (Young, 2009). The formation of a therapeutic alliance is essential when working with a client of any culture, however the techniques used to create a warm and empathetic environment are of particular importance when working with Indigenous peoples (Young, 2009). There are three core conditions that should be used when establishing a new counselling relationship (Rogers, 1961).
These three core conditions include: congruence, or genuineness, which occurs when there is an alignment between the actions, thoughts and feelings of the counsellor (Day, 2004); unconditional positive regard which is the warm acceptance of a client’s experience (Bozarth &Wilkins, 2007); and empathy, which is the capacity of the counsellor to communicate an understanding of the client’s affective experience (Gagan, 1983). Typically these core conditions are achieved in counselling through the use of non-verbal behaviours such as eye contact (Gallagher & Hargie, 1992; Tepper & Haase, 1978). However, according to Young (2009), eye co...

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...f more challenging media that require refinement of skill (Appleton, 2001)

The refinement of skill and generation of coping strategies in addition to the implementation of previously successful tactics for dealing with his depression will enable Moodoo to enhance is personal development. Through the therapeutic process, I will aim to help Moodoo create strategies on how to cope with his depression so that he may return to life as per normal. Once these strategies have been implemented and Moodoo can cope with issues in his life more positively, the counselling relationship will end. I will, however, make it clear that if needed, I will be available, and would encourage Moodoo to seek advice from the cultural consultant, and elder from his tribe, or another individual from his culture as they will be able to provide support given his current situation.

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