The Essential Items Of Your Life Essay

The Essential Items Of Your Life Essay

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I never felt that I had given a whole lot of thought to the regular purchases I make on what I consider to be the essential items in my daily life. I have found that in more recent years I have given a little bit more thought about what I chose to buy. I would not say that it has been an environmental driven thought, but more of a health driven thought. Being more health conscious however, does result in being more environmentally conscious. I do think if presented with the idea of questioning all the items a person purchases on a regular basis, it forces you to think a little bit more heavily on what, how, and why you chose the items you do.
When it comes to buying coffee, I don’t give it a whole lot of thought. I am not picky when it comes to my coffee, any kind will do. The sole purpose of purchasing it is to give me a boost of caffeine in the morning to start my day. I never really thought too much about how buying a coffee would have any effects on the environment, but being forced to think about it really opens up my eyes. Coffee that people grab on the go will either come in plastic or Styrofoam. I will admit that I am guilty of not always properly disposing of these cups in appropriate recycling bins, and I have seen first-hand that I am not alone. I never really thought about how the amount of coffee that I buy in a given year, and all of the un-recycled plastic and Styrofoam could be causing environmental harm. It’s not just the chemicals that these products produce, but it also is affecting animals. I have my own personal example, I once drove by a squirrel that I could see had gotten itself stuck inside a plastic cup from someone 's garbage outside. I noticed that this cup was rolling over the middle of the road. I ...

... middle of paper ... are questionable chemicals being put into cosmetic products, then considering the effects they have on a more personal, health related matter should be factored in when buying these items.
I usually don’t think too in depth about the purchases I make on a regular basis, but when sitting and really thinking about it is clear that more thought should be put into it. I would imagine that many others are similar to myself where they don’t think too much about the choices they make when shopping, but there are so many other environmental friendly options that people can opt for. I notice now that a lot of stores are giving away reusable bags to eliminate the amount of plastic bags being used. It could even be as simples as asking for paper. Small changes like this, and being a little more thought conscious can start to reduce some of the threat we pose to the earth.

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