Essential Features of an Urgent Care EHR System

Essential Features of an Urgent Care EHR System

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Adopting a meaningful use Stage 2 ready Urgent Care EHR system is essential for patient safety, continuity of care, efficient billing and accurate patient health records management.

Seamless integration. Eliminate errors and duplication with a system that allows data input from first contact point to flow automatically to the cloud-based patient record and then on to the billing module upon checkout.

ICD-10 Readiness. A well-designed urgent care EHR system protects your assets, improves collections and facilitates higher reimbursement rates. Torrey Barnhouse, CEO of a healthcare medical coding consulting firm, says coding goes beyond laying the foundational groundwork for documenting information.2 In fact, Torrey suggests that ICD-10 impacts virtually everything from cash flow to reputation.

E-prescribing tools. Improve quality of care with error-free, comprehensible prescriptions sent digitally to a pharmacist from the exam room or treatment center.

Compatible with digital devices. Some studies suggest that most 21st century patients expect their providers to be able to access patient records digitally and consult with other medical professionals in real-time. Connected urgent care center systems are compatible with tablets, iPhones, and Android devices.

Patient portals add flexibility and control. Citing data collected in a multinational survey among 3,700 healthcare practitioners, Rick Ratliff, Accenture US, reports that 91% of polled professionals use EHR's, but only 10% think they communicate effectively and efficiently with patients online. 3

Patient portals enhance patient-provider communication, while providing patients with health-management tools to request refills, schedule appointments and initiate email conversations with providers.

Predefined Urgent Care Templates. Predefined and customizable templates specifically designed for urgent care settings increase efficiency and improve accuracy.

Integrated voice recognition. Speech recognition technology solidifies patient-physician relationships. Dictating relevant information is less arduous and time consuming than manually entering patient history and health concerns. Integrated technology allows physicians ample opportunity to observe subtle physical and emotional cues during the exam.

Enhanced interfaces. Streamline data sharing with bi-directional capabilities for breath alcohol analyzers, blood pressure apparatus, and devices like the ones below.

X-ray and imaging equipment
Pulse oximeters
Heart (Holter) monitors

Bilingual support. According to recent US Census Bureau data, more than 37 million people in the US speak Spanish in their home environment. 4 Access to Spanish and English EHR documents ensures portable records are accurate and complete.

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Dynamic, intuitive urgent care EHR systems are no longer optional. With the medical community scrambling to respond to a burgeoning population of insured Americans and an ever expanding shortage of skilled providers, this might be the perfect time for you to compare systems for your team.


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