Essential Characteristics Of Human Service Professionals Essay

Essential Characteristics Of Human Service Professionals Essay

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The research topic will focus on essential characteristics of human service professionals. Identifying fundamental characteristics that other successful people in the profession have, can create a key component to success for students and people entering into the field. This paper will discuss other research that has been done on characteristics required of human services professionals.
The human services field can be a challenging profession. When a person is better prepared for job related challenges, there can be a higher success at overcoming obstacles. This makes knowing the essential characteristics of human service professionals worth studying because having the appropriate knowledge could increase career success. Researching characteristics required in human services professionals can increase realistic expectations and decrease overwhelming circumstances. Having a good understanding of successful characteristics used in the field and knowing where to go for support can be imperative to having a healthy career.
Furthermore, as a current human services graduate student, the research opens a unique opportunity to gain further skills and understanding before moving forward into the professional field. Having a strong perception of characteristics required in human services will allow growth to occur in those areas before being faced with challenges. Learning and practicing the characteristics required to be successful in the field, may allow a better long term career outcome.
The key issues that will be addressed are understanding what enables human service professionals to succeed in the work field. This includes why it is important and how negative circumstances can impact work. Next will be empowerment which include...

... middle of paper ...

... & Shields, 2013, p. 196).
Additionally, Prosser et al. discuss affect in the context of the work of human service professionals. Affect can address both what human service professionals can verbally expressive about their emotions but also that which is too complex to express. It addresses the conscious feelings and relationships associated with work but also the extreme interactions between human beings at profound moments of connection during conflict, trauma, and tragedy (Prosser, Tuckey, Wendt, 2013, p. 323).
Affect can address the known motivations but it can also address the deep and often unrecognized feelings. Affect brings a new view of active and affective self-awareness. When affect is included in the deliberation the of numerous influences that human services professionals are faced with, it can bring a new understanding of what helps a human services

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