The Essential Business Sector of the Asian-American Entrepreneurs Essay

The Essential Business Sector of the Asian-American Entrepreneurs Essay

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Asian American entrepreneurs are an essential part of the small business sector and to a larger extent, the US economy. Like many small businesses, Asian-American owned businesses contribute to the community and national economy by providing services and products as well as employment to many people. Even the White House acknowledges the benefits of Asian Americans to the US economy and society. They do so by providing support to these businesses and taking them into consideration when it comes to planning the budget. In the said budget, the government plans to support these businesses by encouraging growth via lending money, giving a easier way to get credit and cutting some taxes for small business that plan to expand their operations.
There are many facts around Asian American small businesses. For example, for Asian Americans it is the norm to own any kind of business, whether personally or a family-owned business. In other words, Asian Americans have the most number in terms of being self-employed besides White non-Latinos. The table shows that Asian American entrepreneurs, whether there are born in the US or came as an immigrant, shows a great tendency towards self-employment.
The types of businesses that Asian Americans often build are not just dry cleaners or grocery stores. Many business owned by these entrepreneurs are in the field of engineering, advertising, marketing & public relations, facilities management, accounting, manufacturing, research, healthcare, real estate, security and commodity brokers and transportation,
The biggest portion of Asian American entrepreneurs is the Chinese, followed by other ethnicities like Indians and Koreans. The Vietnamese, Japanese and Filipinos follow.
It is also noted that the p...

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...nce its inception. Since it was founded, the trade mission was a success with the help of New York City, legislators and the state business agencies.
Likewise, the AABDC was also used by Chinese government officials to connect with their counterparts in New York City and the United States. Three Chinese delegations happened with the help of AABDC in 2005, 2007 and 2009.
Another initiative of the center is the New York in China Center (NYICC). This center was created in 2008 and is a dedicated presence of the AABDC in China. Entrepreneurs from the New York state can use this center as a gateway into the Chinese market. The center also serves the purpose of enticing Chinese business entrepreneurs to consider New York as one of their international locations or station in the United States. Currently, the NYOICC has offices in New York, Beijing, Dalian and Hang Zhou.

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