Essays : ' You Can Go ' Hell ! '

Essays : ' You Can Go ' Hell ! '

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Me: You can go to hell!!!!!!!!!
Hunter: LOL!
“Oh my god he’s firkin crazy I think!” I was still shaking my head at my phone.
Sarah laughed, “He’s possessive, he’s jealous, and he’s your professor. That’s three strikes right there Harley.”
I didn’t go over to his house that night, instead, Sarah and I made supper and watched HGTV’s show House Hunters. We would each try to figure out which house the couple would end up buying but most of the time we were both guessed wrong. Hunter didn’t text me anymore that night either, thankfully. I was mad at him and still had to figure out how I was going to end things with him.
Monday at class Hunter wouldn’t look at me, which was fine with me. I had re-read his messages and was again fuming mad at him.
Tuesday just after the bell sounded for us to dismiss I was just about to leave class when he stopped me. “Ms. Russell a word please.” I took a deep breath and weaved my way back to his desk. He walked past me to the door and shut it then he walked back over to his desk and leaned against it. The silence in the room was tense and the stare he was giving me made me want to run out of the room.
“I really need to get to my next class.” I told him.
“No, what you really need to do is fucking talk to me.”
“Hunter there’s a time and place for us to talk…school is neither.” I turned to walk out.
“Don’t fucking walk away from me!” whisper shouted and turned me around forcefully by my upper arm. Then his lips were on mine, his hands cupped my face, his teeth biting into my bottom lip. When he finally pulled away we were both breathing heavy, “Never walk away from me.” He told me.
“I have to go…”
“Meet me at the coffee shop after your last class, we are going to talk Harley.”
I was...

... middle of paper ...

...ed, he knew that he had me flustered, “Later babe.”
I decided that since it was my birthday weekend, that Sarah and I would go shopping so I could find something new to wear. She showed up about twenty minutes after I did. “You’re not going to believe what I was offered today. I’m not sure if I should be insulted or if the guy is actually serious.”
“Okay?” I motioned for her to keep talking.
“I was offered a free boudoir photo session. Some random dude at the mall stopped me outside the fabric store. He gave me a business card and kept telling me how beautiful I am.”
“Sarah! That’s awesome, you have to do it! You are beautiful! When does he want to do them? Wait…first we should Google him and make sure he’s not some creeper murder type dude.”
“Exactly. I’ll only do it if you do it with me. Well not like, in the pictures with me but if you can go with me.”

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