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Every year, there are about 9.4 million Chinese high school students take the tough Gaokao in China, it is six times population of Hawaii. Gaokao, formally know as the National College Entrance Examination, is an annual test for high school seniors every year. It is an academic examination divided by three parts: Chinese language, Mathematic, and English. As we know, Gaokao is the most important exam in every Chinese people’s life, and it hold key of to future for every student. In other word, from the moment you step in the elementary school, you start to prepare the Gaokao. Even though, the College entrance examination is very important, but it also affects Chinese teenager's future, psychology and health, and their family.
In China, Gaokao is the only way to determined weather the student can attend college or what level college they can attend. For most Chinese student, it is the only way to change their future. Gaokao is the culmination of every high school senior, if the student cannot pass the test, most of them should repeat one more senior year and took the Gaokao again. Wang Yu, a 19 years old girl from Shanhai will retake the exam. In her own world, she said she already know the shame of failure, so she study hader and harder for the exam. (Sudworth) Wang Yu is good at painting, she trying to pass the Art Feature Test before the Gaokao, and get the extra credit for her final score. That is one of the reasons that many Chinese families sent their kids to talent school when they are only three or four. Old people always said: work harder when you are young, and you can get better life in future. There is a story about a pair of friend, both of them are from rural area of China. They took the Gaokao on 1977, which is the ...

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