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I have always been interested in animals. My whole life I wished to be a zookeeper, but now that I have researched more I decided that I want to be a Zoologist. I would like this to be my career because I love animals, and it would be fun and interesting to work with something you love so much. A zoologist is a person who studies the behavior of an animal in their nature. Zoologist’s duties include having to dissect animals, researching about the animal you are studying, create presentations and displays for visitors on field trips or exhibit animals you have raised, help be a zookeeper, prepare food to feed the animals, and you also have to monitor their health. Zoologists need a knack for applying scientific rules and methods to solve problems as one of their skills. Zoologist must be able to think critically. They need to be able to write scientific papers and reports to explain their findings. To be a zoologist you need a degree in zoology and an interest in animals. Being a zoologist sounds like a big responsibility, but if your interest in animal is really big then it should be more fun than hard or overwhelming. I feel like this is a perfect career for me because I also get to write, which is another thing I enjoy doing, besides just being with animals, and although I don’t like dissecting anything I will eventually have to get over it.
The environment of a zoologist is a mixture of outside and inside. They sometimes work in a zoo, but not always. A zoologist might work in colleges and universities doing research on animals, or they work as instructors. Zoologist can work in mostly every university or college. When I become a zoologist I would preferably would like to work in a zoo with all the different type of animals, ...

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... seeing different animals all your career and getting to work with them. Another bad thing might be getting too attached to an animal. I had an idea of what a zoologist was, but I didn’t know that I have an option on where i want to work like inside or outside, with animals or with people. I think this job will take my life to a whole other level by doing something i love with my life. I can even help my community by working at the zoo we have, or maybe even educating other people on the amazing things about animals and wildlife. Being a zoologist is something I can picture myself doing for the rest of my life. I’m that type of girl that likes to be comfortable when it comes to working and knowing zoologist don’t really have a dress code makes me really happy. Also knowing that i get to work with animals as a job is more of a dream to me than just a job or career.
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