zonkeys, ligers, and wolphins

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What in the world are zonkeys, ligers, and wolphins? These unique names came from animals such as donkeys, horses, lions, tigers, dolphins, and whales. They have mated and created diversity in their kind with their offspring. These rare animals may have many advantages just as well as disadvantages. They could either thrive and become a new, unique species or they could die off because of all of their flaws. This magnificent work of nature is the effects of natural selection, mutation, and other mechanisms, which have given us more variety within a kind. All these animals have parents that are from different species but from the same kind, or genetic group. This usually means that they have a common ancestor. Because they are the same kind, the laws of nature allowed it to mate and create a new creature. The first examples are zonkeys and zedonks. Zonkeys were created when a male zebra and a female donkey were crossed. Zedonks, on the other hand, were created when a male donkey and a female zebra were crossed. Next, there are ligors and tigons. Ligors were created when a male lion and a female tiger were crossed. Tigons were created when a male tiger and a female lion were crossed. There are also blynxes and lynxcats (crosses between bobcats and lynxes), as well as a cross between a cougar and the ocelot. Last but not least, there are wolphins. These animals were created when a false killer whale and bottlenose dolphin were crossed. All of these remarkable creatures have a phenotype, a physical appearance, showing traits from both of their parents. Zonkeys and zedonks tend to look more like a donkey, usually having tan fur, but they have stripes on their fur, coming from the zebra parent. These stripes are most obvious on the... ... middle of paper ... ...res. They are results of crosses between zebras, donkeys, horses, dolphins, killer whales, lions, tigers, and other animals. They have similar features to their parents, and because they receive both traits from the mother and the father, they become a creature with very favorable traits, and possibly one of the greatest species of their kind. Sadly, these animals will not be able to thrive, because of three main factors. One, most of them will not be able to survive because their parents are either too far apart genetically, or, they have a different number of chromosomes. Two, their parents will be their competition. Because of this, they will be outnumbered and will not be able to thrive like they should. Lastly, they are not able to reproduce and continue to grow into a species. Sadly, these magnificent creatures will never come to be a reality in the world.

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