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The month was coming to an end. Unfortunately, February skipped along to March without any consideration for Jessie’s birthday. Another year passed; Jessie stayed two and Megan turned ten! Megan planned to share her party with her twin sister— again! Megan and Jessie and their best friends looked forward to their first sleepover in the basement room. They planned to push the double beds together, give each other makeovers, eat pizza and talk until midnight. Although excited, Jessie was nervous about Raven scaring Hannah and Nikki. In confidence, Jessie told Nikki there was a ghost in her basement. That Raven's crying would ruin the sleepover. Jessie needed to get rid of the ghost. Nikkipedia would have a sensible suggestion. Nikki investigated ghosts on the Internet. She downloaded the electronic version of The Starter Séance, by Alistair Sagebourne, the renowned spirit seeker. Nikki hoped Sagebourne had the answer to Jessie’s troubles. After reading through the Sagebourne book, Nikki found a solution and stopped by to tell Jessie what she had found; that people held séances to make peace with ghosts, she recommended they hold a séance to encourage Raven to quit haunting Jessie. Megan overheard Nikki describing, The Starter Séance and suggested, “Let’s have a séance at my birthday sleepover! We can talk to Raven! Jessie, it'd be so cool...” Jessie looked from Megan to Nikki, her chestnut eyes opened widely. She spoke in an uncertain voice, “I’m not sure it’s a good idea... What if, ah… what if we make her angry?” Jessie stared at the other two girls without blinking. Nikki logically explained as she touched Jessie’s arm, “Jessie, my research into ghosts suggests spirits usually welcome the opportunity to speak.... ... middle of paper ... ...er. They did not want to hurt Jay J’s feelings, but the séance was a secret. Jessie replied, “Sorry, Jay J. No boys allowed. You can have a cupcake... if you want.” Shaking his head, Jay J left the closet and lingered in his sisters’ bedroom. Megan shut the closet door behind her brother. With everything in place and the food arranged, the birthday feast could begin. They each took a seat around the desk and heaped chips, popcorn, carrots, celery, and pizza on their plates and poured glasses of delicious apple juice. Megan and Hannah had started on their second plateful when Nikki pulled her e-reader from her backpack and began to look through The Starter Séance. The friends decided to eat the cupcakes later when they had room in their over-stuffed stomachs. Clearing the table for the séance, Jessie, Megan and Hannah moved the food from the desk to the dresser.

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