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Many characters in stories are rewarded by poetic justice – a type of justice where the good receive a good end, and the bad do not. The story The Good Maiden and the Step-mother is about a young maiden who tries her best in order to please her step mother but never succeeds no matter what difficult tasks she completes. When she receives a task that cannot be completed she faces a wall of fear, but, luckily for her, an old lady goes out of her way in order to assist the young maiden with the tasks given to her, allowing her to succeed and fulfilling her wishes. In the end, the young maiden receives a castle as a reward for her kind behavior, while the step-mother dies due to her selfish interests. This story moves along accordingly while using the ideas of fears, behaviors, and wishes to describe many ideas throughout the story.
To begin with, the first idea introduced in the story is the effect of behaviors of both the young maiden, with the kindness she possesses, and the step-mother, for the evil within her. Behavior plays an important part of the story for multiple reasons. It is stated throughout the story that the young maiden is a kind and hardworking female who would complete any tasks given to her by her step-mother, despite the strength and stamina limitations she possesses. Her behaviors throughout the story allow her to be rewarded at the end, permitting her to live a happy life in a castle filled with clothes. Likewise, in the story, the step-mother was stated to be a woman who “…was never satisfied…” with anything the young maiden would do for her. She was shown to give the young maiden tasks only because she wanted to see how far she could push her step-daughter. Due to her behavior, the step-mother ended up with a...

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...d that the mother wasn’t, she fell down a trap door and died. Moreover, the use of wishes was shown as a way of wanting something to come true.
Ultimately, this story uses fears, behaviors and wishes to explain to the reader how important these three aspects are in everyday life. Fear is felt every day, as when someone is driving a car, or when a spark of anxiety hits the moment a pop quiz is revealed in a class environment. People’s behaviors are also shown in everyday life since the kinder a person is, the more friends they have, and while the meaner someone is, the fewer friends they will have. Also, the use of wishes is to show that the more someone wants something to happen, the more likely it will due to the motivation of wanting it to be complete. These aspects are what make fairy tales interesting, and they are the forces that make life what it actually is.
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