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Through this poem, the speaker reflects on herself during her childhood using the representation of a caged bird. In this poem, she mainly compares the metaphor of a caged bird to a free bird to suggest the theme of freedom. The caged bird symbolizes how she was trapped as a young girl, being a victim of both discrimination and rape. She uses repetition and imagery to display and emphasize the theme of opportunity and loss of freedom. The speaker manipulates the structure of the poem to create emphasis on the confinement that the caged bird is in. Like a ballad, the speaker uses many rhymes and rhythm in Caged Bird. The “chorus” is repeated twice throughout the poem, in the middle and the end. The poem focuses on the caged bird more than it does on the free bird. This is to emphasize and contrast the oppression that the caged bird is suffering from, to the freedom that the latter bird experiences. The speaker helps the reader gain a better understanding of the poem by using sensory imagery to emphasize the difference between the experiences of the two birds. Many adjectives are used...
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