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When searching for a book that discussed personal financial planning, I couldn’t find a more appropriate one. Right off the bat, the title caught my attention. “Your Money Your life” seemed pretty personal so I flipped the book over and the back read, “This new edition…explains their 9 step program and shows you how to: get out of debt and develop savings, make values-based decisions about your spending, resolve inner conflicts between values and lifestyle etc. The book now has my attention, I opened it up and began reading right there in the bookstore. Immediately at the beginning of the prologue of “Your Money Your Life” the authors started with a series of questions to ask yourself. Some of the questions included, “Do you have enough money, are you spending enough time with your family and friends, do you come home from your job full of life, do you have time to participate in things you believe are worthwhile and so on and so forth”. After answering no to most of the questions, I knew this was the book for me.
I must admit, it was strange to find this book in the personal finance section of the book store because it had very little tangible information about increasing your wealth and yet it was surrounded by books about becoming a millionaire. One of the key concepts this book focused on was taking a deep look in finding the central values in one’s life and rearranging your life and money to follow those values. The authors claim that most people’s money problems are connected to a lack of fundamental direction in their life. I really liked the unconventional methods the book uses to uncover the truth in your life. The majority of the book talks about defining values and placing them in real financial perspective. Is it real...

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...o. I also feel that this book is a sort of road map to success and happiness without all the hype that we make it to be. People nowadays value what their car looks like, or what brand of clothes their wearing or even how much money they make but they’re not happy. Most the time their working too hard and too much to even enjoy the things that their spending all their life energy on. It’s like they’ve heard the concept, “live your life to the fullest because you only have one”, but it doesn’t really cross their mind until they’ve had a near death experience. Then they realize that the brands of clothes or shoes they wear aren’t what are important in life. So if this book can reach the people before they make these kinds of decisions, I believe that it will prevent a lot of mistakes and create a whole new generation of people with values outside materialistic things.

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