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One of the things that every culture must face in the presence of any other person is racial stereotyping. Even if the person does not believe in the stereotype of a certain race they most likely could spit out a handful in a matter of seconds if asked. The saddest part is that some of these stereotypes have existed for quite sometime and leads to the idea of how they have been kept alive for such an extended period of time. A major influence on modern culture in America is television but more specifically cartoons. They have been idea of Saturday mornings and afternoon relaxation for kids. But they also have hidden and not so hidden judgments towards different racial groups. And this has led to the ideation of what a person from a certain race should appear and the stereotype that they must fit in. Some cartoons have been purposefully designed in such a way that the stereotypes are blatantly dropped on your lap with a label on it. This is true with more of the adult cartoon such as Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, South Park and many others that are built based around a mature audience. The stereotypes that are found in South Park for example are supposed to be offensive and often push the envelope on how much they can truly get away with. Cartoons from the later 1800s and early 1900s cartoons had built in around the racial views of African American. It was the breakdown of a group people into a group of what was essentially animals or primitive humans at most. The cartoons then, similar to that of the modern adult cartoons, were very open and up front with the racism they presented. They had brought the idea that African American love watermelon, they have extremely large lips, and that most are uneducated folk. The true kille... ... middle of paper ... ...g accents. We like to believe that we are past putting racial stereotypes in the imagery that we show to the children of today. But the fact of the matter is this sort of thing will never truly be erased. The generations before us grew up with a certain idea on what racial stereotypes were then grew up to create the imagery that would be seen by the next generation. This cycle can be seen in the simple way that kids raised in a racist home will grow up to be racist because that is the way they grew up thinking/knowing as the truth. So the truth of the matter is that we learn our perceptions of people from what we see at a young age. This being so, cartoons are a key learning point even if it seems like a bunch of nonsense. If a child sees that a kid from out of town or from another country is a “weirdo” then that is how they will perceive these people in their life.

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