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Reflective Paper #4 Communication within an organization can make or break an organization. Communication within an organization is the gears that make an organization run and work efficiently. I am involved with two organizations and I can honestly say that I communicate differently within both one of them. The way that I communicate within these different organizations varies, as does my strength and weaknesses within these organizations. I am a part of the University of South Carolina Upstate Track & Field team, thus my first organization. This team is an NCAA division 1 track & field team and as all teams have, we have a coach. Coach Smith is coach and she maintains a traditional form of leadership, thus affecting the way I communicate within the team. I am one of the captains of the men’s track team. I believe I was chosen for a captain position because of my strengths in my communication within this organization. One of my strengths with my communication within this team is my ability to lead and communicate discipline, hard work and dedication. One way I do this is by showing up early to practice, wearing the correct attire, warming up correctly, practicing to my best ability and having a positive attitude. Another strength I have is making sure that the entire team knows what is going on, what they need to do and how they need to do it. This puts the entire team on the same page and creates a strong team, inside and outside. For example, when we are traveling to track meets that we have to stay in hotels at, we have a strict itinerary and sometimes it is confusing. I make sure that everyone is where he or she may need to be by reminding people that may leave in my group or that are in an event with me. Sometimes ... ... middle of paper ... ...ten late to work (5 to 10 minutes) I am not able to communicate my ability to be responsible and dependable. I struggle with this outside of this organization as well as inside of it, so having this organization to force me to be on time is helping to improve my time management skills, if I want to keep my job at least. My communication skills within different organizations vary because of the nature and culture of that organization. Communication within an organization is essential and completely necessary for an organization to be successful. I have different strengths and weaknesses within each organization that I belong to. My strengths within the track team come from my ability to lead and my ability to keep my team informed. My strengths in Hollister Co. come from my ability to get things done and my ability to keep my managers informed with my availability

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