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In this image the master artist Titan created the image of a beautiful young woman in expensive garb with an imposing gaze. Titan or Tiziano Vecelli was an Italian painter and was considered one of the most important members of his 16th-century Venetian school. The woman in the image is Isabella d'Este Gonzaga, a well to-do woman married to a man of power and influence. She herself is not without her own merits as she acted in her husband's stead whenever he was away to talk of politics with the men in charge of the town her husband's family resided. Although she was a woman of power, she was also a wife and was controlled by her husband. Titian was a master artist who captured this wonderful patron in a very magnificent manner. As this is customary of the era for the wife's life to be dictated by the husband. Isabella d'Este Gonzaga was married at the age of sixteen to Francesco Gonzaga, Marquis of Mantua who was a General of the Venetian army. Betrothed at the age of six, she was favorite of her mother and father and eldest of her six siblings. Noted as being extremely intelligen...

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