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Conflict in the US rose after the Alien and Sedition acts forced unconstitutional laws on the people. Before the problem came up, the Americans were in trouble with the wars going on between England and France, being pulled into the war by Britain and their foreign policy being threatened. With all the commotion from the French threatening the US with the treaty and such, the government of the US including the federalists and Adams had to react and accommodate for the problems somehow and quickly before things get worse, in a way they were starting to panic. This initiated the Alien and Sedition acts, seen as ways to counteract the problems with the French, but as irrational as they were they turned out to be unconstitutional, causing an even larger problem for the US than the French. Even Adams was neutral if anything with the acts going in effect to the nation, but it took his wife to convince him to attempt the ideas. The acts included laws that would seem completely odd in the modern world we live in today, and the acts are described as followed. The Alien and Sedition Acts we...

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