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There are many people in the Bible that demonstrate the principles of biblical civil government as civil disobedience, servanthood and purpose. God used the aspects of these famous biblical characters such as Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Jesus and Paul’s lives to make influential and superior government improvements. Although the Bible is not a government textbook, it shows us how God wanted our government to be shaped. It points out God’s principles on secular government as well as obedient people. All of these people made very influential impacts on the society around them and everyone looked up to them.
God used these biblical heroes through civil disobedience to place them in certain situations so they would be able to carry out God’s plans in the kingdom. Joseph showed civil disobedience by arguing with a high official, Potiphar, about his wife and was ultimately put in jail for it. Moses showed civil disobedience by killing a man that was whipping a Hebrew slave and fled. Daniel showed civil disobedience by disobeying king Darius’ decree. Jesus showed civil disobedience by overturning tables in the temple. Paul showed civil disobedience by siding with Jesus and supposedly “preaching . Not only did these biblical heroes commit civil disobedience but many people around them were objectifying the rules in God’s name as well. For Moses, the midwifes went against the law to protect Moses and for Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down to the king’s statue. Therefore, civil disobedience is not always right, but if it’s what God wants from you, it has to be. As christians we’re not always going to be able to live fully under the government and follow the bible all the time, but we can be servants of God and follow hi...

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... to help their nation and effect people around them. Your life purpose may be to become a mom to your kids and lead them to be a believer who will one day effect someone else, it’s different for everyone. God uses his people in amazing ways, you just have to accept his calling.
There have been many attempts in history before to establish a biblical civil government (i.e. the puritans) but ultimately you should follow the Lord and he will guide your decisions. Sometimes biblical civil government means you have to fight for your beliefs, but it’s your decision to impact people. There are many people in the bible that demonstrate biblical civil government as civil disobedience, servanthood and purpose but it’s right because they were doing exactly what God had called them to do. They were serving God and doing it in his glory, as to help the future kingdom of the Lord.
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