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When the question is asked if the government should control our diets, everyone suddenly has an opinion based off facts, what they personally experienced, and the opinions of others. In America today, we are the second fattest country in the world with an estimated 31.3% of obese Americans. It is believed that all Americans are good for is eating, drinking alcohol, and celebrating their devotion to being an American. When the US ranked number one for the fattest country, and after Obama was elected into office, his wife Michelle Obama decided she wanted healthier children. Therefore, she proposed a healthy eating plan that changed the way all children would eat in school. Greencastle-Antrim has been one of the schools affected by Michelle’s plan called “Let’s Move” which promotes healthier eating, and if one would ask any of the students if they liked the change, most would give a negative response. The plan lowered portion sizes, eliminated the use of most fatty foods, such as white bread, and replaced it all with healthier food. Many students do not appreciate the change because it is not what high school students want. A two hundred pound linebacker on the football team does not want the same amount of food a ninety-five pound cheerleader would want. The government should not continue to step in to our eating habits because of the cons presented by the other causes of obesity, the mandatory calorie counts, and the cost of healthier food. Americans are at the peak of being the fattest country again. U.S. News published a piece in 2012 regarding that Government Intervention Will Not Solve Our Obesity Problem. The article explains the “National Center for Health Statistics” points out that “obesity among adults… doubled” ranging... ... middle of paper ... ...more low-income families, obesity rates will continue to increase. With the lack of currency to afford a healthier living and eating, obesity rates will continue to climb. Due to medical issues, the poor usage of calorie counts, and because of economical standings, there is really no need for the government to control our food choices. Unless they are prepared to spend millions of more dollars to fix these underlying issues, there is no point. The government cannot tell someone what they have to eat, and what they need to do to lower obesity rates. That kind of behavior will lead to rebellions everywhere by fed up Americans. Other countries who have tried to even put a tax on higher fat products, did not succeed. That should be taken as a warning sign that it will not work. Even if they do try to control it, this is America; the home of the free, not the fat free.
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