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The auditorium was decorated with all kinds of elegant, pretty colors. All the women were dressed in stunning African garb and they had their heads wrapped beautifully. Tonya and I arrived there just in time to see the African dancers in Elijah’s group perform. These ladies were authentic! They were doing moves similar to Fiyama (the young lady from Senegal in Gabriel’s congregation). We were very impressed with their dancing. Then there were poets and then finally, Nadia walked to the microphone to sing. I told Tonya to prepare herself for a different kind of powerhouse singer. Nadia opened her mouth and out poured the velvety alto voice that I loved so much. With her haunting voice, Nadia brought the audience to complete silence. It was almost as if everyone was hypnotized. When she was done singing, Tonya asked me if she had any experience in the studio. I looked at her and said; from what I know of she has some studio experience. Her voice is phenomenal, but she has the personality of an electric eel. She would be way too hard to work with. If you choose to make an investment in her, there is a strong possibility that your money would be down the drain because she has deep rooted mental issues. It would be best to just enjoy her music and let her find her own way. Tonya agreed and let go of the idea of working with Nadia. Honestly, I would have loved to have the opportunity to see the two of them collaborate on a studio project, but I knew Tonya would have been angry with me once she found out what she was really dealing with concerning Nadia. I wasn’t willing to run the risk of wasting my sister’s time and money on someone that had already manifested pure insanity. It just wasn’t worth it! After Nadia's song, everyone wen... ... middle of paper ... ...r that mess was because we were already there. On the for real, I know for a fact that Gabriel had to know that all it was going to cost way more than what he had told us when they were having those meetings in Kansas City. That will be the last time I ever have anything to do with that mess!” Sheldon shook his head and said, “Mama, you know I don’t have much to do with those people anyway. That one time, when they all ganged up on you and treated you so bad, I knew better than to trust them. I just came down here because I love a road trip with my family and to kick it with Gregory. This is the first and last time I will have anything to do with these crooks!” “It was time for me to give my response. “Damn! Well, that said it all! I am feeling the same way that you all are! I am done with all of this bullshit too. I am not going to deal with them ever again.
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