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Name- Meetpreet Kaur Div B Roll no. –BBA 133037 Prof. David Business Oral Communication India is a land of rich and diverse cultures. The Indian culture is a concoction of people following different religions with discrete customs and traditions and speaking a variety of languages. The country is expected to become one of the largest economies in the world in the coming times and is highly lucrative. But, due to the presence of so many different cultures and business customs, doing business in India can be a mystifying experience. The strict influence of Hinduism and hence the caste system, has led to a hierarchical mindset of the Indian people. This influences the decision making process to a large extent and also the way people interact. The employer or the manager is considered to be the decision maker and the subordinate is expected to follow all the instructions. So, while doing business in the country this should be kept in mind. Ambuigity bw tax rates land acquisition is tough Unlike the western culture, meetings in India are rather informal. The meeting might start with a ...

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