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Knowledge about marketing tactics can benefit the organizations in developing robust marketing strategies. Companies can significantly improve their marketing techniques when they have knowledge about the mindset of customers feel and the process of their decision making while deciding to purchase a product or avail a service. The expansion of marketing knowledge and tools in the recent times has provided the firms access to exclusive marketing possibilities for targeting their core customers. The aim of this analysis is to examine the marketing key issues in advertisements since advertisements and promotional marketing have become key elements which impact the consumer’s buying decision. The use of user generated video content in the domain of marketing will be specifically explored. Key Marketing issues in advertising Advertisement these days is very important in the promotion of businesses around the world. There are different forms of ads and more kinds are being progressed every day. The enhancements and technology in the area of promotion will be continued regularly. As it is improving day by day there are problems which are providing their way towards advertising guidelines. Marketing within a country can be simple for the experts to study it living within the viewpoint of their own customs, societies and spiritual standards. But when we go international we need to comprehend the specifications of promotion in an international with an international perspective (Crosby, DeVito & Pearson, 2003). It needs understanding the specifications of the customers, their taste, lifestyle, customs and spiritual beliefs. The likings and loathing of the customers may vary from country to country and there is a need to comprehend the downs... ... middle of paper ... ...rvice to property licensees are not expected to know the property broker advertising rules and licensees must not rely on others for conformity with the concept. Concluding the above discussion it can be stated that promotion these days has changed a lot and still moving its style from the traditional ways to the new and various methods. More and more impressive individuals are becoming a member of the area of advertising, and it is offering new capabilities of promotion strategies for the companies located in different regions of the world. As the enhancements come to the panel of promotion there are new problems seen in the advertising agency. Simply speaking, most of the advertising troubles are experienced by the organizations when they go on to achieve the international advantage. Dealing with these international problems in itself needs a planned way to apply.

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