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Cheating on school among high school and college students has been worsening the last few decades. Many high school students cheat because to get in the best college though college student cheat to stay on the top. College Students cheat not only to survive but to be successful. Current study has found that among current high school students, 75 percent admit to cheating on tests, homework, and other assignments. Fifty percent have cheated on exams, and 34 percent have cheated on more than one test. Research indicates similar trends among college students and even graduate students. The reason why student cheating worsen over the last decade is because of pressure from parents and teachers, technology, and school and parents failing to explain more about cheating. One of the reason students cheat on school is that too much pressure from their parents and teacher to get is the best school. These pressures lead them to cheat. Student see their class mate cheat and get away with it without being caught so the other students cheat too. Now days students become more competitive and under much pressure to get good grades. High school and college students face much pressure from their teacher and parents. A High school student fells the pressure to get in to the best college and they see that cheating is the easy way out. Donald L. McCabe, a professor at the Rutgers University business school and a leading researcher on cheating said that students have become more competitive and under more pressure, and that led them to cheat. He also said that there have always been struggle students who cheat to survive, but more and more, there are student at the top who cheat to be more successful. Grads become more a major focus for student rather... ... middle of paper ... ... around for a long time. What do we have to do to reduce the number of students who cheat both in high school and college is that to reduce the pressure among students to force them to get good grades to get in to a good college and for college students to prevent the comparativeness between students who wants to be at the top. And also reduce the use of technology when it comes to do home works or exams. Schools have to do a better job for making sure those students knows the school policy and include a policy for students who share their home work or assignment to other students. Even though the student is more responsible for cheating on school but parents is part of the blame. They need to talk to their kids about cheating on exam or home work, which can get them in trouble. Parents need to stop pressuring their kids to get a good grade but have a good Knowledge.

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