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. Policy Problem Rising sea levels are becoming a prominent issue along with global warming and climate change for many regions near costal areas, Miami, Florida being one of the most detrimental areas. With a current population of 413,892 living just 6 feet above sea level, Miami is positioned as one of the first areas to feel some of the disastrous effects of climate change (Johnson). Within the next 100 years rising sea levels have the ability to damage South Florida’s fragile barrier island, the population that lives near costal areas, and its appealing subtropical beaches (Madigan A12). Coastal areas, which provide the largest area for disaster, however are not the only area that will experience the effects of climate change. Looking further inland, the Everglades, which provide Miami with source of fresh water could be contaminated through the high salt levels of the ocean, rendering them unusable (Madigan A12). The everglades of Miami depend upon precipitation as source of fresh water, however with the rise in sea levels the overwhelming amount of saltwater is detrimental to their health (Linhoss, Chambers, Wozniak, and Ankersen). The rise of sea levels will result in the plunge of the Florida Keys along with the Key West (Madigan A12). The high risk of flooding that the Florida keys are faced with propose a decline in environment for various species that are endangered (Linhoss, Chambers, Wozniak, and Ankersen). By the end of this century, effects from melting snow and ice reserves and the thermal expansion of the ocean water mass are significant factors attributed to the rise in sea levels affecting Miami (Sea level rise). Thermal expansion that was once the main factor in sea level rise has decelerated causing the acce... ... middle of paper ... ...but also the conservation of your beaches and wildlife around the costal area. The plans to protect certain areas of Miami are achievable and do not require the evacuation of any areas, which the community of Miami should respect. This process requires immediate attention in order to prevent the problems of sea level rise before it is too late, which requires getting everyone on board and the plan in action a.s.a.p. By coping with the coast in a maintainable manner, it provides benefits for the future for Miami. Due to the fact that we are unaware of the greatness of effects sea level rise holds and what impacts come along with these effects this adaptation plan needs to be implemented to account for the varying levels of unknown that may be part of the effects (Brown, Nicholls, Pardens, Lowe, Vafeidis, Hinkel , and Watkiss). Sincerely,
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