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A Christian’s beliefs will differentiate from secular world views. The discussion topic is going to be about my views as a Christian as well as the worldviews seen today on secular films from rap music videos to rated R movies. Throughout, this paper I will share my opinion on few main key topic areas. The first main topic will be about god. Next we will talk about creation. Then we will drift off to talking about humanity then finally ethics. If you are not a Christian your view may not be the same as mine.
The lord God to me is a sprit the bible also confirms that in John 4:24 it says God is a sprit and they that worship him must worship him in sprit and in truth. They are basically saying that as believers we worship him in our souls and in truth. Me as a Christian man I put God above everything so when the name God is brought to light it brings joy to my heart because of all the things he’s done for me. I cherish Christ and all the things he has done for me and also for the things he is in the process of doing. I feel like the world may view the word God Differently for instance when I hear God being spoke about secularly it’s more of a seeking thing. Some may ask questions about who he is or what’s he does, some may just say his name when they pray or use his name in vain.
Secondly, I will talk about creation. As a Christian I believe that god created this world and all living things. Genesis 1:1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Once god said let there be light there was light. God is so amazing he divided day from night. On the second day god separated earth from water. On the third day he raised the land that was dry from the waters beneath. Know it was the fifth day and God commanded that ...

... middle of paper ... videos played during a song. You cannot watch a movie or even TV show without them saying something about secular things. A lot of rap music videos are really secular but not only that they put off a bad image for women. The things they wear and say the way they dance is not a great image.
In conclusion everyone has their own world view. One is not right and the other is not wrong. We all have our own beliefs. But a Christian’s beliefs will differentiate from secular minded persons world views. Our god is a spirit and he is real. God created this earth he created water, animals, and gave us life. God created man and woman in his own image. We should treat everyone like we want to be treated no matter of their age size skin color or beliefs. "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2).

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that a christian's beliefs will differentiate from secular world views. they will share their opinion on several key topic areas, including god, creation, humanity, ethics, etc.
  • Explains that the bible confirms that in john 4:24 it says god is a sprit and believers must worship him in their souls and in truth.
  • Explains that as a christian, they believe that god created the world and all living things.
  • Opines that when they think of humanity, they just think about god's people and how we should treat them. colossians' verse explains this well. we all need to stick together and love one another
  • Opines that ethics should play an important part to a person’s worldview. each person needs morals and principles to live by to keep themselves grounded.
  • Explains that there are a lot of sexual videos out in general, from rated r movies played in movies theaters to music videos played during songs.
  • Concludes that everyone has their own world view, but a christian's beliefs will differentiate from secular minded persons' world views. god created this earth, water, animals, and gave us life.
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