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The level of diversity within the legal profession has been a concerning issue for many years, the focal issue in question is how are women in particular fitting in to this profession? Lord Neuberger raises the question of diversity his statement. Lawyers have a big name in society, they are seen as superiority. This comes with large responsibilities which are unavoidable. Are women perceived to be undergoing such full time responsibilities? It may be expected for women to have many aspects which obstruct them from climbing up the ladder and progressing further into the legal world which may be due to the lack of diversity within some legal organisations that prefer men over women. Whether that will change is entirely depending on society, as Lord Neuberger states ‘lawyers occupy a special place in society’. It may be argued that men in general have been given the upper hand in a working profession in today’s society. As decades ago it was only men who were expected to be working and being the ‘bread winner’ while women were expected to be at home taking care of household chores. Evolution has allowed women to now be independent and work for themselves, handing them rights as well as responsibilities. However they may not be as accepted in the working profession by society as men are. The prediction Orwell made has been proved evidently when he said “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” . The author George Orwell refers to the people as animals in this book, he explains how they all may seem to be equal in the public eye, he also states “But soon the pigs take control and one of them, Napoleon, becomes the leader of all the animals. One by one the principles of the revolution are abandoned” this cla... ... middle of paper ... ...manager and she happily says “A pleasant surprise was the sense of community and collaboration that exists among knowledge management professionals” , as well as other high branded law firms such as Clifford Chance that advertise immensely about “presenting huge opportunities” . It is law firms such as these that offer prospective women opportunities to progress and step forward. The world of legal profession may seem biased but it isn’t all disadvantageous as there are opportunities open for those who are determined so a career in law is open to all although the doors may be wider for men than for women however bearing the mind the statistics of the numerous amount of women overpowering their way into further qualifications than that of men illuminates the fact that the future will have to grant progression for women in the legal profession without preference.

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