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In the term of discuss the words applying, someone suggest that some words should be specified thus they cannot be abused, however, others argue that there is no problem to use those words as long as they are appropriate. Through the example of the word ‘religion’, some thoughts will be indicated on the argument below. Over a thousand years ago,religion was mainly recognized as Christians, anyone who had different thoughts and beliefs against the Church were judged as sinful, and some people even been murdered by them. The Church imprisoned people’s thoughts and freedom. So if the definition of ‘religion’ becomes too specific, a very few religion may owns greater power even beyond the emperor, the Crusades are good examples of it. However, the situation has changed. Melton (1998) presents that “during the twentieth century, the West has experienced a phenomenon it has not encountered since the reign of Constantine: the growth of and significant visible presence of a variety of non Christian and non-orthodox Christian bodies competing for the religious allegiance of the public.” With the importance of democracy and freedom been emphasized in the western society, various alternative religions appeared in many western countries. Melton (1998) points out that enlarging the number of religions makes a new believer could have more options to choose and Christian religion must operate in a new pluralistic religious environment. The extended meaning of religions leads to the growth of alternative religions. It clearly reflects that people own more rights of democracy and freedom, and people could have more choices to choose what they want to believe in. Among the alternative religions, Scientology is one of the most famous one. Operat... ... middle of paper ... ... that “the cultural differences between Australian Aborigines and White Europeans at the time of their initial contact were so great Europeans failed to recognize the existence of an Aboriginal religion.” and many western observers conclude that “Aboriginal had no religion to speak of but were instead ‘savage heathens held in the grip of Satan’, as one early commentator declared.” At that moment, Europeans own a very narrow thought about religion, it is not helpful to understanding Australian Aborigines’ culture, but lead to miscommunication finally. All in all, the example of ‘religion’ clearly shows that the definition of a word should not be too specific. It could imprison people’s thoughts and freedom, lead to illiberal views. It is better to use more open-minded sights to observer this world, and be more comprehensive to accept the differences exist among us.

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