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Robert Frost is one of the most known poets to write poetry. He’s always been known to express his feelings in his work. One of Frosts’ most famous poems that made it into Times Magazine is “The Road Not Taken.” That poem specifically centers the on the ideas of choices. The fact that Robert Frosts’ poems express his feeling shows why he was a part of the twentieth century. The way that he wrote his poems took a person with a creative mind who could imagine things beyond its words, to understand them. Literary elements are what make poems, and Frost used a lot of those. Not all the time will someone find poems relative to real life situations, but “The Road Not Taken” is. The title of this poem kind of tells what the poem will be about, but once you begin reading it you notice that Frost uses imagery for you to get the idea. He does not just throw it at you from the jump.

Robert Frost

Robert Frost, who happened to be one the top known American poets, was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California, to William Prescott Frost, Jr., and Isabelle Moodie. He later died at the age of 88, on January 29, 1963 in Boston, Massachusetts, US. Frost was not only an American poet, he was also a play writer. Even though he was known for his later association with rural life, Robert Frost grew up in the city, and published his first poem in his high school's magazine. Frost attended Dartmouth College for two months, which was long enough to be accepted into the Theta Delta Chi fraternity. After school, Frost returned home to teach and also to work at various jobs. Jobs which were including helping his mother teach her class of disorderly and disruptive boys, delivering newspapers, and working in a factory maintaining carbon arc lig...

... middle of paper ... did not have a rhyme scheme at all.
What I liked about the poem the most is that it was not just about random things, it centers on the concept of choice. In everyday life we have so many choices and we make our own decisions at the end. After reading this poem it kind of helped me to see that before jumping to conclusion you should always analyze things first. I definitely have a different perspective on the poem after completing my analysis. I did not think that the poem would have that big of a hidden meaning. I can absolutely relate to this poem. I say that I can relate to this poem because in my life I’m given so many choices and I can only make one. I am dealing with the biggest choice I’ve ever had to make a decision on in my life. I have a choice to stay here in Milwaukee for college or go off to Ohio for colleges and begin new journeys in a new state.
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